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System Migration and Upgrade - DPR Engineering Solutions

If you are running end of life equipment, as reliable hardware becomes increasingly difficult to obtain, maintenance budgets creep ever upwards and the skill sets required to support and modify legacy equipment become ever more rare, we understand the need to migrate to up-to-date platforms.

Our engineers have provided smooth and efficient migrations with minimal downtime. Projects range from large multiple PLC systems with phased implementation, through to small single PLC machine controllers. Migrations can utilise automated conversion tools for simple and cost effective solutions, while more complex systems will require at least some software engineering input.

While in an ideal world migration should be thoroughly planned we accept that legacy equipment can and does fail unexpectedly. Should catastrophe strike, contact us and we will do all we can to expedite a recovery.

DPR engineers have proven experience in migration of obsolete PLC based control systems to the latest platforms, these include:-

  • Siemens S5 to S7
  • Rockwell PLC 5 to ControlLogix
  • Mitsubishi A series to Q series

A key part of our skill lies in not only upgrading PLC hardware and software but also SCADA/HMI and communication networks where applicable.

The process starts with our honest, detailed assessment of your existing control system, performed by experienced engineers not salesmen. This will look at availability of spares, impact of lost production, potential support costs, connectivity and the possibility of future expansion.

We then work with you to produce a plan for a migration path that will:-

  • Be as cost effective as possible.
  • Minimise production downtime.
  • Provide a supportable documented system.