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Troubleshooting - PLC software, Industrial Networking Fault Finding

Our engineers can draw on decades of experience applying control technologies in a variety of industries to efficiently and expertly diagnose and correct problems with PLC software, hardware, industrial networking, SCADA/HMI issues and problems of uncertain cause. Often symptoms arise in one component while the fault lies elsewhere. In a recent real world example, a control system HMI incorrectly displayed a zero tank level. Was this caused by:

  1. software fault
  2. sensor fault
  3. networking fault

In this case the answer was (c), but tomorrow it could easily be 'none of the above'. Our engineers have the breadth of experience and skills to get to the bottom of control issues, equally at home with laptop, multi-meter, oscilloscope, profi-trace probe or just plain observation and reasoned deduction.

If you are happy with our service we can offer a comprehensive support contract for your system. This can range from 24/7 rapid response to standard office hours telephone support.


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